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Wonky Log Cabin Quilt: Top Is Done

I have to thank everyone over at Quilt In A Day for this ruler! I just love it! I think this is one of the funnest looking quilts I have ever made! I actually decided that I’m going to give this as a baby blanket to one of my dearest friends for her new baby! His name is Ivan and I hope he loves it! I cannot wait to finish it and send it off in the mail. It may be a little too warm for the next few months for him to use it, but I know once fall comes, he’ll use it quite a bit! Now to pin it and quilt it! Wish me luck!

Quilt In A Day: Almost Done With The Blocks

I’m having such a fun birthday! Work was a blast, and I have the coolest supervisor ever! And now I’m going to skype with one of my dearest friends, and then I get to work on this qonky quilt! Hopefully I’ll finish the top by tonight, so I can show it off at work tomorrow!

Quilt In A Day: Playing With My Wonky Ruler

I love love love my new wonky ruler! I got it compliments of Quilt In A Day, and I could not be happier about it! I mean, it does create a lot of small scraps, but I’m juts saving all of those for a crazy quilt! It is so much fun to piece the quilt together and see how the shape changes and how dimension is added after each cut! I decided not to do a specific pattern, but just use random pieces to just make a fun bright quilt that everyone can enjoy!

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