Finished: Fire Walk With Me!


It’s no secret to my friends that I love Twin Peaks! This new season is on hit! It’s confusing as hell, but I’m just so damn into it! Anyways, I made this Twin Peaks inspired quilt, called: Fire Walk With Me. And that verbiage is actually what it is quilted with. I used my embroidery machine, and digitized a couple versions of that phrase to stitch through the layers with. I also made a version of the Black Lodge symbol. The one that appears on the green ring. It’s kind of hard to read it all on the front, but on the back is where you can see all of this amazing stitching! I made it for a friend, but she doesn’t know it is for her yet. I think she’ll love it! More pictures after the jump!


  1. Green Mountain Boy says:

    Random dude who drifted onto your site due to the BBC article—as a Lynch fan and the son of a crafter, I LOVE this quilt. Keep doing what you’re doing, man!

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