My friend is making some fancy sauces, and I just wanted to share his info with everyone! I know I’m excited to try them! Follow the jump to find out more about his Sauce adventure!

We are going to create custom craft sauces, glazes, and syrups and so much more using unique craft beers from microbreweries throughout the country. We will pitch our custom sauces to each brewery for them to use in their own recipes and tasting rooms. We will also mass produce, bottle and package the custom product for these breweries to sell in their retail stores as well as local grocers and specialty shops. A royalty for each sale will go to the brewery who’s name is on the sauce. Nothing like this has ever been done as a business and I want to bring this to the craft world. ¬†Nothing is more exciting than trying a custom craft beer from your favorite brewery for the first time. Our sauces will highlight the great tasting beers used to make them and allow people to take their unique craft experience to another level. ¬†This Kickstarter is only the beginning steps to make this dream a reality.

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