I’ve Been Neglectful!


And I apologize! I’ve been working at my new job so much, I had to put blogging and creating on the back burner. Never Fear! I have been still been sewing and creating, but just not as much as I would like to. I’ve been super creative at work, designing hats and scarves and then knitting them out on the machines. So my creativity is satisfied, but I still want to do more! I finally cracked down on myself, turned off Netflix, and got to sewing. I finished this top, and I feel marvelous!

Today I’ll be breaking out my new Kitchenaid, making a cake, getting my oil changed, and then I’ll be quilting tonight! I promise to keep everyone updated, and I’ll post some of my sewing projects from last month that never made it online. This quilt is made with hand dyed fabric. The black was commercial, but everything else was hand dyed with natural dyes out of her yard. Wish me luck!

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