Daily Archives: October 31, 2016

FlagTime: Americana Quilt Top Done

I finished the quilt top, now named “FlagTime” yesterday, and was just too tired to get pictures and post it, but here you all are! I should have the pattern up by the end of the week along with the Jelly Rolls! It’s so cute!

Faultline Quilt Top Finished

While making my Americana quilt top, I decided to take a break and put a border on this beauty. I love the way that the bargello pattern crumbles on the ends and pieces end up in the border. Too bad I can’t get this Jelly Roll pack any longer. I would have done a lot with it! Oh well. It’s just crumbling away, slowly falling around the center, dropping off piece by piece. I adore it! Now to figure out how to quilt it… Any suggestions?

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