I Finally Tackled Y-Seams!

For the longest time I had this UFO sitting in my closet. I designed it when I first started quilting as a wedding present to my cousin and his wife. However, it was a tad bit beyond my skill set two and a half years ago, and it got shelved. I was not good at y-seams. Now 30 months later I was rifling around in my closet looking for some red fat quarters for the Red blooming 9 patch I’m working on, and I found the box with the quilt contents. I popped it open and though… “Well, I’ve got the skills no, so no more excuses!”

I finished sewing it together in about 3 hours. I took it from a bunch of cut pieces to something completed. Now I just need to add some embroideries to the quilt top. Not sure what though… We’ll see.

Wish me luck!

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