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Finsihed The Purple Clutch

I did it! My first major non-quilting item! There are a few places that need improvement, but over all I am quite happy with it! I’, also doing one with some Americana fabric. I think it will turn out equally as cute! On that one, I will be doing velcro instead of buttons, but I’ll probably throw one on for decoration anyways! I’m so excited to teach a class on this at work!

Working On A Clutch

Since I’ll be teaching a class on this at the store, I figured I would make a couple of them at home first. I still have to make the bag this wallet goes in, and then make at least one more. I’ll be doing the class the 4th Wednesday in April, so I have some time to perfect it, but I need samples for both the stores by Monday, so wish me luck this weekend! I have quite a bit to do!

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