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The Secret Project

Here is the beginning.  This is my new piece I am working on. I’m thinking about calling it “Frozen Star Explodes in Sea of Blood”, but I fear that may sound to morbid. I think maybe once it is done, I will post the mock-up I made of it in paint, when I was working with pattern ideas. The white balance is of in the photo, it is pretty dark in the basement and the brighter I try to make it, the worse the color appears. Oh Well. I am very excited though.

The down side to this quilt is the blue scattering. It is pretty random, so a lot more small piecing must take place for the quilt, which as we all know, is very time consuming. My goal tonight was to have everything laid out on the ground, and everything cut, and placed, but I’ll have to settle for everything being cut. I’m not sure if I’ll have the energy to finish the placement tonight, but who knows. If I do make some progress I will post more pictures!

Blue Star Quilt

So this quilt I have been slaving over a hot iron, and a slightly less hot sewing machine for all morning and afternoon is starting to come together. The colors I chose were Black with stars, Blue, and Dark Red prints. I still can’t share the design but I do have some pictures of me working on it!

Here is the fabric selection:

Click Below to see more pictures!

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Anyone Want a Free Quilt

Everyone likes FREE things… right?

Well, I’m here to tell you how to get a free Original Eric Suszynski Quilt, and it’s quite simple!

I need to get 1000 comments on this blog and you can win a throw size original quilt in the colors you want!

Read more for details…

Here’s the deal,

1) To qualify, you have to like my facebook page which is here!

2) Comment on one of the postings on this blog

Once it hits 1000 comments, I will randomly chose someone who has liked my facebook page, and they will win a free quilt! FREE! 

Mid-Morning Break From Ironing

People who sew a lot know exactly what I’m talking about. When you’re in the cutting process, everything needs to be ironed flat. And as soon as you sew something, it needs to be pressed shut, and then pressed open. So essentially it is like a sauna in my sewing area. So
I have decided to take a break and watch some TV while I cool down. I’m going to watch an episode of Spiral. It’s a lurid crime TV show from France, and DAMN! It’s good!

Before I Go To Sleep…

Just wanted to post some pictures of quilts, and/or quilt tops I have made in the past year.

This one I made for my Aunt. It is a very bad picture, but it was the first quilt I ever completed.

This one I made a very dear friend of my Mother’s.

This one I made for my first born Nephew. I’m so happy to be an uncle!

This would be the second quilt top I ever made. It was made for no one special, but someday it’ll find its owner.

How Long Does a Quilt Take to Make???

To be honest, it takes quite a while. I mean, if I feel extremely motivated by the design, or I have a deadline to meet, I can do it in a week, but on average it takes about a month to go from start to finish. It takes about a week to design, because I meticulously design my quilts so I won’t have scraps, because I HATE wasting fabrics. So a lot of math goes into my quilt designs. Then it takes a week or two to iron, cut, and sew the fabric. Then another week or two to actually quilt the top down.

Now, in an ideal world I would be able to cut this down to two weeks for the entire project, but alas, I have to work to afford my quilting habit. Some day I would like to quilt as my way of making a living, but until that day comes, and I do see it somewhere on the horizon, I will be doing quilts as fast as I can, but that unfortunately means it will take about a month per quilt. I have gotten a break and I have had the past 2 weeks off, so in that 2 weeks, I have made 2 tops and I have started working on a design for a third.

I enjoy being this productive, but I keep running into the fear that I am rushing the creative process. I’m not going to lie, the color schemes of my last 2 quilts have not made me the happiest camper in the world. I rushed with mulboth of them, and the look contrived to me. Everything else I have done, I have done by making and altering multiple drafts before my iron even hits a fat quarter. I’m really hoping this quilt top, that I refer to as ‘A Blooming 9 Patch with a Twist’, will invigorate me again. I don’t want to rush projects, I just would like to be more productive, and the two are very different.

So, now that you all really know how I feel, I think I shall sign off for the night… possibly.

Before I go, I should show you the other top I made that does not thrill me. This only took me one day to cut and sew, so even I feel like it’s processed was rushed, but maybe I just messed up on the color choices. Click Here to check it out.

Here it is!

Next Quilt Top

So, quilting fans, I must inform you all that I have started a new quilt top. Currently I am in the planning stages, so my computer has had Microsoft Paint open a lot these past 2 days. Since I enjoyed the last quilt top I made, which was a Blooming 9 Patch, I have decided to do a 9 Patch with a fun and visually stunning twist. Well, at least I think it is visually stunning, or at least hope that it will be. I decided on colors already, but I won’t divulge those until I start the cutting and sewing tomorrow morning.In fact right now, as I am typing this, I’m looking at the pile of fabric I have on my work desk, and I’m already thinking of new substitutions for some of the colors. I wasn’t in love with the color choice of my last Blooming 9 Patch, and I really want to get this one down. I feel like with the last one the center looks like a muddled mess. (Don’t get me wrong I like my last one, but I’m just not in love with it, and after all, I do think of sewing a quilt as a great love affair. I believe the amount of effort you put into sewing something you love should be tantamount to the amount of enjoyment you wish to gain from it being made.) So, as I sit here, staring at my desk, and the piles of fabric sitting upon it, almost leering back at me, I have decided that this will be gorgeous. Now I just need to find and equally gorgeous person to be the recipient.

First Blooming 9 Patch

I just need to let everyone know that a few days ago I completed my first Blooming 9 Patch Quilt Top. I once saw the book, Tradition With A Twist, and I flipped through it and loved the Blooming 9 Patch quilts, so I figured I would have to make one. It took me two days to cut and sew the top and I like the color choices I used, but I feel I could have done better, but oh well. Hindsight is always 20/20.

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