I’m Sorry To Report Collin Fellows Has Passed Away


It’s with a heavy heart I tell you that an amazing quilter, activist, person, dog lover, and husband passed away. I found out today in a post from Collin’s husband, Marlin, that Collin had a heart attack this morning and passed away. When I first read it, I just didn’t quite process it. I had just chatted with him like 6 weeks ago. He was coming home from a retreat, and he was so excited to share it with me. I asked him for an interview on one of his latest quilt tops, and I just didn’t have to time to do it. I very much regret that. I would have very much loved to talk to him more about quilting, but I am afraid that time has passed. Later this week I’ll post something more in depth, but right now I’m just too sad to write it up. Collin, my kind sir, you will be very missed, by many, many people. My heart goes out to Marlin and the two beautiful dogs he left behind. I’m so sorry.

Follow the jump for pictures of some of his quilts.


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