Anthems Quilt Entry!!!!


Here is a message from Richard!!!! I still have so much work to do on mine! I have 3 commissions ahead of it! Hopefully I’ll hurry the hell up and get some sh*t done!

Here’s the direct message from Richard! He is still working on getting me a new artcall link, so when I get it, I’ll update the post!

Greetings all.

I thought I would take a moment to provide an update on the Anthems
project. I’ve seen people posting their work – and I am stunned and
First and foremost, I have to give my deepest and sincerest apologies to
everyone for my lack of contact. Life gets busy sometimes, and that’s
the only excuse I can offer.
So that we can move forward with things, I’d like to remind everyone of
the project. With about 6 weeks to go, there’s still time.
1) DEADLINES – Quilts Inc. (who have agreed to host the Special
Exhibit in April at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago) have
set a deadline for November 10, 2017 for them to go through and
choose. For this reason, I would like all submissions by November
8, 2017.
2) SUBMISSIONS – submissions can be made through
Anthems Entry. We need 2 photos, 1 ‘overall’ and 1
3) COST TO SUBMIT – while people had suggested that we have a
submission fee, I have decided to waive that because of my lack of
communication. So, there is NO SUBMISSION FEE. Global
Artisans/Akonye Kena will cover all costs for the initial Special
4) DETAILS – has the specifications and
dimensions for the art quilts.
5) USE OF LYRICS – please remember that if your design includes the
use of lyrics, that you must have a release from the music
6) INTEREST – if people could email me ( to
let me know that they plan to submit, I would greatly appreciate
Again my deepest apologies for the lack of communication.



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