BBC Covers Quiltgate!


I did an interview with BBC World Service. I’m so happy this story is finally gaining international attention!

You can listen to the radio segment here!

You can read the write up here!



  1. Paul, Newcastle upon Tyne says:

    Hi, Just wanted to leave an expression of support. I’m not a quilter, I’m a folk musician and I do see some parallels here. Its not political but the back stabbing can be both intense and unexpected. I do have strong political views but I do try not to let them interfere with other peoples fun but in my experience you have to make a stand when things are not right, (so I can’t claim to be perfect here, though I do try to recognise my own faults before looking for those of others… casting the first stone etc). If you don’t do something, things just go to hell in handbasket. I do think you should organise… even so you can just share information and knowledge, and let them know that they are being watched. You can be damn sure that the people who have done this will not stop.

    Stay strong and remember ther are many people who do agree with you and those even from conservative factions who will be horrified by this.

  2. Beth says:

    My quilting has started being more overtly political. I do not use Reddit, nor am I particularly plugged into the quilting community writ large so Quiltgate is just coming to my attention. I’m not surprised at any of the behavior exposed in Quiltgate simply because no large community is immune from human behavior even those you would think should be. I am saddened and angered (feelings I’m getting more used to these days). I am happy, however, to have discovered your work and the work of others that this has brought to my attention. Thank you for speaking out.

  3. Astrid CV says:

    So when they look you two up on google, they can see your shoddy work and Frank’s dickie quilts. And write you two off as just another pair of weirdos.

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