No Such Thing As Racism In Quilting???


Well, it’s been a strange couple of days. As you all know, I did two interviews so far to go with my quilt for the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Washington DC. There are 4 blocks to the quilt: Homophobia, Sexism, Racism, and Ignorance. I was simply looking around the internet for someone who has been a victim of racism in the quilting community. I have been contacted quite a few times with people who wanted to share their story with me, but want no attention drawn to themselves. After the last two days, I understand why.

This is a fun little excerpt from this afternoon… I asked on the facebook group ‘Quilt Guild’, and I quote, “Question: I’m writing a series about discrimination in the quilting community. Has anyone been a victim of racism, and would like to be interviewed on my blog.”

What I got was nothing short of ridiculous! Below is one thread of comments from a woman named “D”. I learned a lot from D this afternoon.

What have I gathered from my interaction with D, do you ask? I gathered that racism is very alive and well in the quilting community. Later this evening, I’ll be posting an interview I did with Stephanie Forsyth on what happened when I posted the same question in ‘Quilting Space’ on facebook. Yes, I know I made a typo. Yes, I went to fix it, and she deleted her comments. Today, I was very saddened by the people in these facebook groups. Then even the Admin decided it was too much to handle in the quilting bubble, and locked the comments.


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  1. catpatches says:

    Eric, I saw your original post come across my feed. I am a quilter, and also a social worker, and so your question interested me. I’ve never heard about racism in quilting, and couldn’t really think of any good examples. I scrolled on by. Possibly your choice of venues to ask your question is what prompted the response. On the pages you mention, quilters just want to talk about quilts and quilting, and to bring up a topic as charged as racism probably was upsetting to some. Not defending them, but I’m wondering if there might be a better way to get an answer to your question.

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