Fabric On Sale!!! I Bought It All!!!

Over the weekend I was at Walmart buying towels for my various embroidery projects, and I decided to check out what was going on in their fabric section. Now, I’m not going to lie: some Walmart fabric is not okay, but their fat quarters have never bothered be. I never buy any fabric without touching it to see how thin it is. I find I need to do this more and more often at fabric warehouses. Sometimes the quality of the grey goods is sub-par. I digress, I saw the clearance sticker on the fat quarters, and half yards… So I bought All of them! I bought 15 fat quarters, and 16 half yards. They were all on clearance for 75 dents, and I could not help but grab them all! I left a few… I’m not really into cat prints, but I’m sure someone will stumble across them and will be very happy! All in all, it was a pleasant hall, and I think I did okay.

Now I just have to find a project to do with them! I’m not worried though, I’m sure I’ll find something!

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  1. seasons55 says:

    Oh nice haul, I too would have bought it all, over the summer the local Wal-Mart got in a stock of Waverly Inspirations fabric and a yard of each colorway, I just couldn’t resist the great price, fabric quality was quite good and sewed up like a dream.

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