I’m Making Bowls And Table Trivets

Everyone knows I’m taking a small break from sewing quilts as the holiday season made me a little burnt up. Also, I’m sick as a dog, so no fancy sewing for a day or two. Alas, even though all I want to do is lye in bed, I still feel the need to sew something, so I made these…

Aren’t they cute! I’ll post a tutorial soon! Also, I think I might make a rug! Wish me luck!


  1. I braid material together and do what you are, then sew them on a circle or oval shape but I make throw rugs. I am using some old towels that has gotten unraveled on the edges so I’m making one for the front of the tub to step out on after a shower or bath. They are reversible but you can sew non-skid backing on one side of it if you want to. I guess you could call me a recycler..

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