Christmas Themed Scrap Quilt… Oh Yes

I decided that for my Dad’s birthday / Christmas present I’m going to make him a Christmas throw size quilt. I have all of these scraps from making coasters, pot holders, and the like, so I will whip together a quilt! Wish me luck everyone! I have a lot of scraps, so I’m going to try to keep it simple, but you never know!!!

New Inspiration

New Inspiration

I’ve found the inspiration for my next quilt. Not sure how I’m going to do it, but gosh darn it, I’ll make it work. I need to finish my Space Trilogy, and something about the work seems other worldly. I’ll have some kind of sketch or something tomorrow morning. I’m excited!

Not sure what size I’m going to do, but I was thinking another lap quilt, or maybe even a baby quilt, but I worry the coloring would be too dark for a baby’s quilt. I’m thinking dark reds, and and slate greys, and maybe some kind of earth tone to go with the grey. Not sure yet, but I am really digging those dots in the middle left of the painting. Not sure if I will work those in or not, but we shall see. I’ll sleep on it and come up with something fun for tomorrow! Goodnight Blogosphere!

Fabulous Quilt Finally Got A Border

Fabulous Quilt Finally Got A Border

As of 1:30am I have put the border on this gorgeous quilt. I’m currently working on a name for it. I’ve decided I’m doing a space trilogy. Frozen star was number one, then this one, which is still devoid of a name is number two, and I’m working on the concept art for the third.

I just really wanted to show everyone the fruit of my labor with this piece having the borders on. It really makes it look as if the pieces are floating in space. I’m really digging it, and hope everyone else is as well.

Everyone remember how it looked originally? Continue reading

Border on!

Border on!

Now my ‘Frozen Star’ (That’s the working name!) quilt topis done! The border just went on and now all I need to do is Iron it down more. I quickly pressed it so I could get a picture of it, and it was well worth it! For a binding I think I’ll just use black fabric to kind of give it an ‘infinite edge’ quality to the finished project. I’m just so elated that this project is coming to a close. The more and more I stare at this quilt, the happier I am.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I always go through a period of doubt while sewing. Half way through I’m usually doubting my design and always on the verge of re-evaluating my design, and starting over or changing project mid way, but I always see it through, and I have never been disappointed in the results!

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