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Zelda Commission 5: Started To Stipple


I started the quilting on the Zelda Commission. I’m doing a medium stipple with a bright blue thread for the background, and I’m going to do the bird in yellow. I might do some secondary stipples with a dark blue and a orange, but I’m not sure yet. I want to see how it all blends when it is jut the light blue and the yellow. Hopefully I’ll finish the quilting by tonight… or at least the blue part anyways. I’m trying to be optimistic. It’s my day off from work, and I’ve got a lot of housework!

Zelda Commission 5: Finished The Top

I did it! I finished it last night, but was too lazy to post it. I have today off from work, so it is catch up day on all things Blog and housework related! Lots of cleaning, but hopefully I can get lots of sewing done too! I think I am going to start the quilting on this quilt later today. I’m using backing fabric, so I don’t have any more piecing to do for that. All I have to do is cut the batting off the roll, and cut and sew the binding. I feel so ahead of the game!


Zelda Commission 5: Two Thirds Done

I did this late last night. I had some paperwork to go over right when I got home, but then I got crackin’ on my sewing machine. It took me a couple of hours, but I got this third done. So, now I have two thirds of the quilt top done. Hopefully I’ll finish the top this weekend, and start the quilting. I’m getting really excited!

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Zelda Commission 5: Onto The Next Third

Since I worked yesterday, and when I got home I had a few things to do around the house, I didn’t sew anything. Today I’m catching up on a few things. Once of those things is my current Zelda Commission. I did the first third of it 2 days ago, and now I’m onto the middle section. I’m loving the blending effect of the blues!

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Zelda Commission 5: Some Progress Was Made

I made a little headway today. I was at work all day, and then came home and Skyped with my cousin and my nephew… they are too cute! Anyways. I started to piece this out again, and I’m slowly adding to it. Hopefully I will finish the piecing on this third tonight. I start my new job tomorrow so I doubt I’ll have time tomorrow. Wish me luck tonight!

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