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Making Some Triforce Throw Pillows

I’ve decided I need some pillow shams to go with my Zelda Quilt I made a few months ago. I don’t know why I never made them sooner, but I just never got around to it. Here is one of the pieced on my sewing table. I have everything cut for the two of them, but I’m making them one at a time. Here’s to piecing it together!

Quilts Of Nerd-dom

So, as some of my readers have noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of video game themed items this past week. Well, the truth is…. I’m working on a line of quilts and quilt designs called “Quilts of Nerd-dom”. So far… I have done a few Zelda Quilts, a Mario Themed Quilt, and a I’m working currently on a Final Fantasy Art Pop themed Quilt. My goal is that at the end of February to have at least 6 of these Nerd-dom themed quilt tops made, and the patterns available. That is the goal anyways. The thing that I need from my readers is… What should I do next? You tell me what you want!



Zelda Quilts Of The Past 6 Months

I’ve been working on this Quilts of Nerd-dom thing and I just wanted to post some pictures of all of the Zelda Quilts I have made over the past 6 months! I think I made some pretty awesome ones, and I’m looking forward to making more in the next few months as well!

Follow the jump for a more of my Many Zelda Quilts!

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Pinned It!

I totally ended up working up a sweat pinning this quilt. It was tres exhausting. I’m about to crash back in bed, and later tonight I think I’m going to make mini-pizzas in my toaster oven. That sounds delightful! Maybe I’ll even start quilting this later today, but that is a big IF.

Finished The Etsy Zelda Quilt

After a week and a half of slaving over a hot sewing machine, I have managed to make this gorgeous quilt! I really hope the customer likes it! I went with blacks, greys, and charcoals to make the background and then golds and yellows for the Triforce and bird. I finished quilting it early this morning, but then had to run to work and then did some more work at a coffee shop with a crafting friend. I am tuckered out! So, here is the beautiful quilt!


Follow the jump for more pictures!

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