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Zelda Commission 5: Some Progress Was Made

I made a little headway today. I was at work all day, and then came home and Skyped with my cousin and my nephew… they are too cute! Anyways. I started to piece this out again, and I’m slowly adding to it. Hopefully I will finish the piecing on this third tonight. I start my new job tomorrow so I doubt I’ll have time tomorrow. Wish me luck tonight!

Zelda Commission 5: Started To Piece It

It’s looking lovely! I’ve been kind of working all day, but to be honest, I’ve also been watching a lot of BBC. My goodness I love some British people! They make amazing TV! Hit and Miss… truly amazing! Not for all people to watch, but it’s kind of awesome! Anyways, back to the quilt. I’ve been piecing the quilt on and off all day. I love the way the blue blends together. At first, I was a bit worried that the blues were all too different, but I like the way it ended up looking. Hopefully I’ll have at least a third of the top pieced tonight, but I won’t hold my breath.

Quilts Of Nerd-dom

So, as some of my readers have noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of video game themed items this past week. Well, the truth is…. I’m working on a line of quilts and quilt designs called “Quilts of Nerd-dom”. So far… I have done a few Zelda Quilts, a Mario Themed Quilt, and a I’m working currently on a Final Fantasy Art Pop themed Quilt. My goal is that at the end of February to have at least 6 of these Nerd-dom themed quilt tops made, and the patterns available. That is the goal anyways. The thing that I need from my readers is… What should I do next? You tell me what you want!



Zelda Quilts Of The Past 6 Months

I’ve been working on this Quilts of Nerd-dom thing and I just wanted to post some pictures of all of the Zelda Quilts I have made over the past 6 months! I think I made some pretty awesome ones, and I’m looking forward to making more in the next few months as well!

Follow the jump for a more of my Many Zelda Quilts!

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