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I Messed Up My Scarf… Darn

As always my the thread from Wonderfil’s Mirage line looks astounding, but I used the wrong stabilizer for the embroidery on my fall scarf. I meant to use a wash away, but I used some tear and wash. Well, I tore, but it didn’t wash.  It still has the stabilizer stuck to the back between the stitches, and now I’m at a loss. I’ve washed it about 7 times, and it still won’t come off. I’m thinking about using a chenille brush to see if I can get rid of the remainder. Any thoughts?

Finished My Nickel Quilt Top…. I’m In Love!

It was my first nickel quilt, and I just love it! Some of the colors repeated a bit more than I would have liked, but I think it turned out grand! No I just have to baste and quilt it, and then make the matching pillow shams. I’m thinking I’m going to do some 2″ squares for the pillow shams… I think… That might change… Wish me luck!

Working On A Nickel Quilt

I’m at home. I’m sick. It’s gloomy out… I guess all I can do is quilt! I’m not complaining… Well, maybe a little complaining about being sick, but that’s it. I have this quilt to make for a friend of mine. She’s just so in love with what I have made so far! I can;t wait to finish it! I still have to fade it to red, then pink, then purple, then blue, and make some matching pillow shams, but that’s a walk in the park. The hard part, which is coming up, is making the binding… Well, not so much making it, but picking out a color… Any suggestions?

Go From Simple 9 Patch to Fabulous Really Quickly

So, as I sit at home with the flu, I wonder what can I sew that doesn’t require much work… My embroidery machine is in the shop, so that’s out, and then I decided to make a simple table runner. It’s not much, and I’m still contemplating a border or not. It was late last night when I finished sewing it, so I decided not to quilt it and leave that for later today, when I get home from work. I do love a good disappearing 9 patch.  It’s such an easy thing to do to spice up a block! What do you guys and gals think: Border or not?

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